A Kingdom Business operates from the Kingdom Economy

Jesus said " Thy kingdom come, thy will be done". This calls for a Kingdom Worldview and a Kingdom Mindset.

Businesses need to dig deeper than just Biblical principles but much more, the bible is not a text book but much more

The World economy transact in money but the Kingdom economy transact in Faith

You will learn how to integrate faith and your strategic plan into a Kingdom Business template ( see on picture) and "Go to Market" :

In the words of St Paul

"So that your faith might not rest in wisdom of men but in then Power of God "
1 Corinthians 2:5

Key Note Session: Building a Kingdom Business Plan – An Overview: Robin Paul, CEO- Breakthrough

Breakout Sessions: Building Kingdom Business Plan Workshop 1 (Day 2)
Building Kingdom Business Plan workshop 2 (Day 3)

Building a Social Enterprise

A new trend in the Marketplace is the birth of Social Entrepreneurship. Social Enterprises are organisations that leverage Marketplace Principles to bring about improvements in standard of living for a target group of people in the Urban or Rural areas without profiteering motive. People or Environmental welfare is at the core of a Social Enterprise. This track will help & equip those Who, are interested in setting up a social enterprise. Consisting of a key note session and two breakout session, this track will answer the ‘What’, ‘Where,’ ‘Who,’ ‘which’ & ‘How’ of Social enterprise. As a part of this track, we are also establishing a physical social lab in Bangalore to house ten Social Enterprise Startups which will begin functioning from February 01.The Lab will have the complete Ecosystems needed to incubate a social enterprise and nurture it to grow and function as a self supported Social Enterprise.

Key Note Session: How we built a social Enterprise: Paul Thomas, Chairman ESAF Bank

Breakout Sessions: Building a Social Enterprise Workshop 1 (Day 2)
Building a Social Enterprise workshop 2 (Day 3)

Other Track Activity: Social enterprise Lab

Start – Ups

Startups are big news in today’s economy. Marketplace is crowded with new businesses that use innovative methods and Technology to meet an unfulfilled need of the Customer. We in the Christian Community too should cash in on this opportunity to get more Christians into the Marketplace, to build Kingdom company Startups. This Track through two breakout sessions will support anyone Who, is keen to start a business. Targeted at Christian Professionals, this track will help you to check your readiness to wade into the Business Pool, show you the different opportunities available in the Marketplace and how to go about setting it up. Further the sessions will also point out support systems and share real life experience of Christian Business People Who, quit their well paying jobs and became successful Entrepreneurs.

Breakout Sessions: Startup Workshop 1 (Day 2)
Start –Up workshop (Day 3)

Growing your Business

To be Salt & Light in the Marketplace, Christian Businesses have to grow and stand out as significant players Who, command respect from Customers, Competitors, Suppliers and Government Agencies. To make that happen this track will address the different aspects of Growth and how to grow your Business. Key note session and the Break-out sessions will show-case Growth success stories and different methods of growing a business. It will also explore your readiness to grow and the right growth strategy for your Business. Best Practices in this area, Growth Do's & Don’ts, Growth Enablers, Process & Systems, and People& Culture are the other topics that will be covered in the Growth Track.

Key Note Session: How I grew my Business: Arun Samuel Chairman- Wings

Break Out Sessions: Business Growth Workshop 1 (Day 2)
Business Growth Workshop 2 (Day 3)

Learning Lab: Strategic Thinking (Day 2)

Finding Funding for your Business

One struggle common to most business people is Funding. Though the Marketplace is full of funding options, to get hold of funding that is affordable for you and easy to get is still a herculean task. This track will educate Business people on the total subject of funding and direct them to various Funding options, eligibility criteria, process, required documents and, documentation.Designed around two Breakout sessions, The Game of Fame, ‘Funding Desk’, ‘Documentation Posts’ and ‘Funding Post Box’ , this track is a one stop shop for anyone looking at how to Fund their Business.

Breakout Sessions: ‘Funding Ways’ Workshop 1 (Day 2)
“Funding Ways’ Workshop 2 (Day 3)

Other Track Activities: Game of Fame, Funding Desk, Funding Post Box, Documentation Posts


This Track has been created to encourage Women in Business and to empower them with skills and competencies to run their Business.Track activities include a Learning Lab entitled, ‘Doing Business in a Man’s World,’ Women Panel & Forums Where, challenges can be shared and solutions found, Showcasing of Success Stories, Women Mentor Pool & Woman Buddy System. Women delegates Who, register for MR18 can choose any of the Breakout Sessions they prefer and they will be automatically enrolled for all other activities of this track.

Learning Lab: ‘Doing Business in a Man’s World’ (Day 2)

Other Track activities: ‘Women in Business Forum’, Success Showcase, ‘Buddy Up’ ‘Mentor Pool’


The opportunity to connect with business people by displaying your products or showcasing your service potential. With international participation, there is import / export alliances that can be forged. This is the place you might find the ideal partners for your business.

Learn from one another and from experts on their best practices. Business deals for expansion of the markets in India and abroad will be provided with special trade discussion rooms. The stall provided is a 9ft X 6 ft with power of 2 plug points , 1 light point . Any additional requirements will be provided with advance notice of a week.

Download brochure for booking Expo stalls

Who, will speak

Our Keynote Speakers



Managing Partner and CEO, Skylife Success


Managing Partner and CEO, Skylife Success

The Global Corporate Adjunct with RZIM, Managing Partner and CEO with Skylife Success, co-founder of Krish Dhanam Training and President of Mala Ministries.

Krish and his wife Anila, live in Flower Mound, Texas and have one adult child.

Krish began his career as a professional motivational speaker after he joined the Ziglar Corporation in 1991, as a telemarketer, eventually going on to be their Vice President of Global Operations.

Krish has facilitated seminars, in over fifty countries, and has received accolades from many distinguished organizations such as The United States Army, American Airlines, Etihad Airways, Christian Dior, Marriott Hotels and many more

Krish has authored two books, “The American Dream from an Indian Heart”, and “From Abstracts to Absolutes. He has co-authored “Hard Headed and Soft Hearted” with Rick Belluzzo former President of Microsoft.


Doug Seebeck

Founder, Partners Worldwide (PW)

Doug Seebeck

Founder, Partners Worldwide (PW)

Doug founded Partners Worldwide (PW) in 1996. He is also a founding Board member and General Manager of PW Entrepreneurs, a social venture capital fund investing in high impact global enterprises.

He has 40 years experience in the field of economic development globally.

Doug graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Agronomy from Washington State University and received an M.A. in Leadership Studies from Azusa Pacific University. He is the co-author of ‘ My Business My Mission’, a chronicle of lessons from inspirational business leaders

Doug and his wife Gail (Who, is an RN), have five adult children, three of Who,m were adopted as orphans from war torn Ethiopia. They have one grandchild.



Founder, ESAF


Founder, ESAF BANK

The Founder of ESAF group of Social Enterprises based in Trichur, has been in the forefront of establishing various social business enterprises.

Paul is also the Managing Director and CEO of ESAF Small Finance Bank, launched on March 17, 2017, which now reaches out to over 16 lakh low income households in India through 34 branches.

Paul has an MBA with 18 years of experience in working with IFFCO before he founded ESAF. He has a supportive team of 4000 team members.



CEO, BreakThrough


CEO, BreakThrough

Robin Paul is the CEO of Breakthrough. He is a pioneer and visionary and has worked with world class, high performers in sports. He is a global leader and initiator in experiential learning and has conducted trainings in South Africa, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, Greece and India. The paradox is Robin is a Pastor and God has put him in the Marketplace.

It was confusing as Robin has no business background On hindsight Breakthrough has been built on a faith and a strategy model that Robin has captured and will share at MR18. Robin Paul sums it aptly “ So that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom but on God Power “

Robin is a

  • Certified high and low ropes course facilitator, USA 2003
  • Certified specialist in Belbin Team Roles Profiling system
  • Certified trainer for the program Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS), USA
  • Certified in Flippen Profiling System (based on constraint theory), USA and the DiSC Profiling System.
  • Level 4 facilitator at Breakthrough.
  • Certified in Competency Mapping.
  • Successfully completed the 3 day program on 'Foundations for Leadership' by Peter Senge & Beth Jandrnoa in in USA.

He was an international athlete for 100 metres and relay. He has been the chaplain for the International Olympic Family, Sydney 2000 and the World Athletics Championships.


Arun Samuel

Chairman , Wings

Arun Samuel

Chairman , Wings

Arun began Wings with just 3 people in a basement, has slowly but steadily risen up in the business of Marketing Communication, using the Below the Line route. Today, the Wings Group is spread across 7 Countries, 8 Businesses,588 Cities across India in the North, South, East and West, and globally with a workforce of over 6000 people.

Wings remain in debt to an ever faithful God, the most amazing clients and our beloved people. Arun says "I have been in the industry for 30 years now, working across various categories including FMCG, Automobiles, Healthcare, Durables, Mobile Telephony, IT, Real Estate and others. The fruits that Wings has achieved in this time is a testimonial of our results to our clients. Clearly, my wish is that Wings becomes a “Doer” company and provides solutions to our esteemed clients, so that their products get the rightful market share. I believe that the market is full of battles and and as the Chinese proverb goes, “We have to win the Battles before we win the Wars”.


Gubbi Cross Road, Bengaluru

25th to 27th January 2018

08:00 AM 06:00 PM

343 Available Seats

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Social Enterprise Lab

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Event Schedule

Clock Day 1
14.30 – 16.30 Arrival, Check in & Kit collection
16.30 -17.00 Tea & Snacks
17.00 – 18.00 MR18 Opening Ceremony
18.00 -19.00 Key Note Speaker Session 1
Ending poverty in India By 2030 through kingdom businesses
by Doug Seebeck
19.00 – 20.00 Word For Today : Krish Dhanam
Net Working Event
Clock Day 2
07 .30 – 8. 30 One to one Coaching Sessions
08.30 - 10.30
  • Praise & Worship
  • Word For Today: Krish Dhanam
  • Key Note Speaker
    Session 2: Growing Your Business - Arun Samuel
  • Social Enterprise Showcase
11.00 – 13.00
  • Key Note Speaker
    Session 3: Spiritual Skills & Templates’ - Robin Paul
  • ‘ Under The Table ‘ Showcase
  • Teaming & Learning
14.30 – 16.30 Breakout Sessions x 6
16.30 -17.00 Tea & Snacks
17.00 – 18.00
  • Game of Fame
  • Success Story
18.00 -19.00 Learning Labs x 6
19.00 – 20.00 Evening with Krish Dhanam
Clock Day 3
07 .30 – 8. 30 One to one Coaching Sessions
08.30 - 10.30
  • Praise & Worship
  • Word For Today: Krish Dhanam
  • Key Note Speaker
    Session 4: Building a Social Enterprise - Paul Thomas
  • Success Story
11.00 – 13.00 Breakout Sessions x 6
14.30 – 16.30
  • Teaming & Learning
  • Game of Fame
  • Success Story
  • MR18 Learning Summary
  • Prayer & Commissioning
Sl. No Clock Activity
1 14.30 - 16.30 Digitalising The Business
2 14.30 - 16.30 Spiritual Skills & Templates
3 14.30 - 16.30 Growth Workshop
4 14.30 - 16.30 Startup Workshop
5 14.30 - 16.30 Social Enterprise Workshop
6 14.30 - 16.30 Funding Workshop
Sl. No Activity
1 Decision Making
2 Strategic Thinking
3 Statutory Requirements
4 How to get Govt. Business
5 A I & Robotics for Business

The CBF Christian Business Fellowship

The CBF Christian Business Fellowship is a group based on Biblical principles and we encourage all members to start and grow businesses that apply Biblical principles as the foundations.

Currently there are two groups that meet once a month in Bangalore.

  • One group meets every second Tuesday at Campus Crusade for Christ.
  • The second group meets on the 3rd Saturday at Breakthrough in J P nagar 7th Phase.


Set within the sylvan surroundings in SIACS campus, surrounded by nature’s beauty, you will be treated to five star room services for the three days. Treat yourself to nature’s beauty as well as delicious food, in addition to the intellectual treat for your mind.

“For any further information please do mail us on info@christianbusinessforumindia.com or reach is on +91 99865 55442 / +91 97420 36060”

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